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Operations and Maintenance

Active Underground is certified in On-site Septic System Operations and Maintenance that provides service to Mason County. O&M is an inspection of your septic system components to make sure things are working correctly and let you know if there are any current or possible problems. This is just like getting your oil changed on your car a little maintenance could save you thousands of dollars in septic repairs. This O&M is a requirement by our Local Health Department and requires homeowners get this done every three years on gravity systems and annually on all other systems to help reduce the risk of contaminating drinking water, surface water as well as public exposure to untreated sewage.


First Step: Make an Appointment with us and we will get the Inspection taken care of and let you know of any findings.

What we do during the O&M:

  • Perform a site inspection of all septic system components
  • Determine sludge, scum and liquid levels of all compartments of the septic and pump tanks, run pump, test panel/alarm and walk drainfield, ect.
  • Complete a Operation and Maintenance Inspection Report
  • Report to you any issues with your system
  • We submit a copy of the report to Mason County Health Department for record keeping.

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