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Active Underground is located in Mason County specializing in On-site Septic Design, Septic System Installation, Repairs and Excavation. We have been working in the on-site septic system field for over 15 years. We are the one call company that emphasizes quality not just industry standards.

Septic Loans

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We have the equipment and experience needed to do the job from start to finish. We always begin all jobs with an accurate evaluation of the septic system and advise you of the necessary repairs before we do anything. We do what it takes to get your system up and running at an affordable cost.

  • What do I do first?
    You must start with perc holes. This will give us the type of soil the system will be going in and how much soil we have to work with.
  • What type of Septic System will work for me?
    The perc holes will help determine your soil type and depth to the restrictive layer thus will determine the type of system.
  • The Size of the System?
    The size will vary on the soil type and the number of bedrooms
  • Septic System Cost
    Once we have the details on soil type/depth and number of bedrooms we can then provide you with a detailed written estimate that will include the cost for the Design, County Review Fees, Installation and any other Items you’d like us to include for your site.

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